Club History


Facts about Northborough Rotary


On September 21, 1971 Ed McMeen and Sandy Russell assembled the first meeting of the Northborough Rotary Club.  The speaker was the popular “Spag” (Anthony Borgatti). Soon thereafter on November 1, 1971 our club was admitted to Rotary International.  Membership has fluctuated through the years with a low of 16 and a high of 33.  We are a small but very active club.

Since then Northborough Rotary has supported our community  in several ways. In our first year two scholarships were awarded and we have steadily increased the awards to where, last year, we awarded $8,000 to eight students.  Each year we raise scholarship funds through a Pancake Breakfast that we hold each year in March.

Funds are also raised through our participation in the annual, 2-day Northborough Applefest event.  We organize and manage the Streetfair with dozens of local vendors, service providers, community organizations and we also run a food booth (pizza, hot dogs and soft drinks).

Our club has also hosted numerous other events including a “Northborough Has Talent” competition,  a 10-week “Wellness” event, organize, popular road races, an “Antiques Roadshow” and a program for Polio*Plus. 

These community and  fund-raising events keep us active and provide a source of money that we then donate to various causes.  Recently, we purchased (with a Rotary grant) a defibrillator for the Northborough Senior Center, gave donations to the Food Pantry and Emergency Fuel Assistance Fund, supported educational efforts in Haiti and medical assistance in Guyana, and contribute to the world-wide campaign to eradicate Polio.

In addition to fund raising, the Northborough Rotary is involved with other local service projects. We host an annual picnic for our senior citizens in the summer, supply volunteers for the town’s annual blood drive and we have hosted an evening meal for residents several times during the year.  We have established a “Pride in Workmanship” award that is awarded to a deserving local business person each year.  And we support several high school sophomores at a District-wide youth leadership conference every spring called Rotary Youth Leadership.  We also participate in Rotary’s youth and business exchange programs, being a host for a foreign student and sharing host duties for a team of business leaders.

 There is a lot going on in Northborough and we invite new members to join us.